English Informations

First of all: My english is not very good, but I will try my best.

I recognized on my stats that many non-german people are looking at the Cimorra-Blog, so I will write some explainations about these blog in english.

"THE SAVAGE WORLD OF CIMORRA" is one of my own Pulp-Fantasy-RPG-Worlds beside my main project "GAIA". GAIA is a mixture of a lot different genres like Fantasy, Steam Punk, Western, Wuxia, Sci-Fi, Cyber Punk, Horror, Weird and so on. But some elements doesn't fit with the GAIA-concept any more, so I need another world for these ideas.
Some excellent and inspiring weblogs (especially Planet Algol and Beyond the Black Gate) have moved me to create a new world finally. So CIMORRA was born.

CIMORRA is like GAIA a melange of different genre-types like Sword & Sorcery, Sword & Planet, Weird Fiction, Post-Apocalypse and some more. My main inspiration for CIMORRA are Robert E. Howards "Conan", Lin Carters "Thongor", Edgar Rice Burroughs "John Carter of Mars", Michael Moorcooks "Micheal Kane", H.P.Lovecraft, C.A.Smith, C.T.Miéville, Flash Gordon, Star Trek, D&D, Logan's Run, Star Gate, Heavy Metal, different Sindbad- and Jules Verne-Movies, the pictures of Frank Frazetty, Boris Vallejo, Scott Herve Flament and many more.
At the moment my girlfriend and I play a little CIMORRA-Campaign with the BoL-Rules.

The short history of CIMORRA
Cimorra is a hot-tropical world somewhere in the black galaxy. She's a young world, but she was early terraformed by the Old Ones, which were god-like aliens with a great knowledge of strange magic and bizarre technology, and their formless, multidimensional gods. They're making the humans as slaves and food-supply, creating new creatures or capture them from other world by interdimensional gates.
But the Old Ones were decadent and decayed their lusts and instincts and so they are killed each other in a cataclysmic nuclear world-war. Some of them flew from Cimorra through the rifts between the worlds or living at abandon places somewhere on Cimorra.
The humans and the other races become the rulers of this post-apocalyptic world full of ancient ruins, alien gods, dark secrets, deadly beasts, strange demons & technology, airships, beautiful women, heroic warriors, dark wizards, devilish necromancers, large jungles, swamps, deserts and grasslands.

I hope this short text will help you to understand this blog a little bit. Because of my bad english I won't make an english version of Cimorra the next time.
But who knows what the future brings with it.

Greetings from Germany!

PS: If you follow this LINK, you will find the google translated version of Cimorra.

PPS: Cimorra will be an open-system world. I have no definitive system anymore for this world, so feel free to use every system you want to discover Cimorra.

There are some changes on Cimorra. The blog will not longer a pure world discription because it never was a pure one. There was still a mixture of Cimorra-Stuff, trailers, pictures, funstuff and many more material. So I changed the focus of the blog to Cimorra, my other worlds, especially Gaia, and other fantastic stuff for roleplaying, movies, books, musik and more.

I think that this is the best way for the blog and myself.

So have some fun - especially on friday! ;)