Freitag, 20. März 2015

[Rollenspiel] Swords and Super-Science of Xuhlan

Auf dem überschwenglich mit allerlei genialem Zeugs gefüllt "Swords & Stichery"-Blog wurde ich auf die Welt von Xuhlan aufmerksam gemacht. Dies ist ein kostenloses, 42 Seiten starkes OSR-Kampagnensetting von Terje Nordin und macht einen verdammt coolen und sehr retrolastigen Eindruck. 
Five or six years ago I played with an idea for a science fantasy sword and planet style campaign that I originally thought of as “Gamma Barsoom” or “Conan on Tatooine.” After having toyed around with the concept on and off for a couple of years it was put aside as I prioritezed other stuff. I’ve been thinking about rewhamping it as a collection of random tables like all the cool kids are doing but since thats not likely to happen anytime soon I decided to just make it available here. At least it will feel like it got completed in some way and perhaps someone will find something of interest here.
In this pdf you will find:
* A campaign map with one interesting feature for each of the 99 hexes
* A description of the city of Yankara with important places, people, factions and rumours
* New monsters, including the Alien Gods
* House rules for psionic powers and combat
* Super-science artefacts, including the Witch Stones
* Other bits and pieces for science fantasy campaigns
Xuhlan is compatible with all old school clones.
Und weil mir dies den Tag heute schon versüßt hat, möchte ich es auch mit euch teilen. Also, schnappt euch Swords and Super-Science of Xuhlan!

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